Do We Really Eat Insects When We Are Sleeping?

June 15, 2016 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Pest Control Georgia

Many of us have heard from others that we eat many insects when we are sleeping, but is this true?  According to Matan Shelomi, an entomologist, the answer is no!  But that does not mean that you do not unwittingly consume insects in your sleep.

Insects are not stupid enough to crawl into our mouths.  Some bugs, such as roaches, have been known to trap themselves in the ears of people sleeping, but bugs instinctually avoid crawling into our mouths, as doing so would surely mean death. But unknowingly eating bugs that are in our food is a different matter.

No matter the quantity of pesticides used on crops farmers cannot keep bugs off 100 percent.  That means that if you eat anything more than microwavable food, you are most likely consuming at least a few parts of bugs that have remained on agricultural food products.  So, maybe vegetables are not a bad source of protein after all.

Have you ever found an insect in your food? What did you do?