Holy Insects Of The Bible

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The blessed among us are likely already aware that the bible mentions bugs often, and even the less pious of us are likely aware of the plague of the locusts. But the bible’s references to a variety of different bugs are treated with both disgust as well as reverence.

For example, the Bible refers to ants as being wise for having no commander yet knowing well enough to gather its food in the summer. This statement is obviously born out of a time in which very little scientific studies had been done on insects considering that ants do indeed have a commander, which of course would be the queen ant. However, the ancients did know well enough to observe that ants do indeed gather food in the summer to be consumed in the winter when no food is available.

The Bible also counsels followers of Christ as to which bugs to feed on and which to avoid. Apparently winged insects with four feet are not fit for eating, except of course those insects with “jointed legs above their feet.” Who knew?

What insects have you read about in the Bible?