Interesting Ways People Use Spider Webs

August 16, 2016 | Posted In: General

How much do you know about spider silk? Probably not much and surprisingly scientists have known very little about the composition of spider silk until recently. Researchers at The University of Akron have studied the fibrous material produced by spiders and believe it is unique in its effectiveness as an adhesive. Extracting or reproducing this highly elastic and sticky substance could lead to products like stickier glue and never fail band-aids.

The head of the study describes spider webs as feeling like chewing gum and is capable of being stretched long distances without giving any hint of snapping. This same researcher has also studied how geckos stick to walls, and does not make any secret about being obsessed with what makes things stick. The group of researchers all stress how adept spiders are at adapting and surviving, and how important it is that humans learn to take advantage of their unique abilities.

Are there any ethical concerns regarding the harvesting of spider silk from arachnids?