The Dangers Of Keeping Spiders As Pets

August 25, 2016 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Uncategorized

There is a very odd group of people in this world who like, or would like, to keep giant hairy spiders as pets, and even play with them by letting them crawl all over their bodies. Now I understand dogs, and even cats, but keeping spiders as pets is possibly the most terrible idea that I have ever heard. Their terrifying ugliness is unquestionable. But is keeping spiders as pets safe?

There are few different problems that can arise from keeping spiders as pets, problems that pose hazards to your health as well as the spiders. For example, a spider owner must be very careful when handling their hairy spiders. Although a spider owner may consider his spider a friend, the feeling is not mutual, and it often happens that spiders will fling their urticating hairs at their owners face when being handled. So you already made one mistake by buying a spider as a pet, so don’t make a second one by forgoing the glasses and protective facial wear necessary for up close encounters.

Spiders may also escape, which will cause a bit of anxiety to your roommates. Not surprisingly, spiders do not enjoy being forced into a transparent box that does not resemble their habitat. There is also the chance your spider will injure itself with a fall. In fact even short falls are enough to cause death. If your spider makes it out of its box, it could pose a threat to your other pets. So be mindful of these potential issues, or buy a guinea pig instead.

How long have people been keeping spiders as pets?