Bed Bugs Were An Indirect Cause Of A Local Blaze

August 29, 2016 | Posted In: Bed Bugs

Local firefighters responded to a blazing fire at a shed just feet away from a hotel. The hotel was dangerously close to being engulfed in flames, however, the fire responders were able to cut through a chain link fence and extinguish the fire before it claimed the hotel. What caused this fire? Why bed bugs of course.

It turns out that the employees of the hotel were attempting to kill a plethora of bed bugs that had infested furniture. Unfortunately, the method of execution involved cranking a furnace up to its maximum temperature. It could be safely assumed that the bedbugs most certainly would have perished. However, the four firefighters that responded to the blaze were not convinced of their death. Despite the fact that the fire completely destroyed the furniture, the firefighters had to have their uniforms treated for bedbug infestation.

Is extreme heat still a viable method of destroying bedbugs and therefore ending an infestation?