Government Cannot Afford To Continue Fight Against Zika

September 2, 2016 | Posted In: General

The Director of the Center for Disease Control recently announced that the federal government no longer has any money to dedicate to the containment and prevention of the Zika virus. The director warned that if congress does not act to provide more emergency funds then even one single outbreak, similar to the most recent outbreak in Miami, could have devastating consequences.

Out of the two hundred and twenty two million dollars that congress has already dedicated to Zika funding 192 million has already been spent attempting to prevent its spread across the USA, 35 million was spent just in the state of Florida. In addition to the lack of congressional oversight, congress also decided to begin its summer recess before deciding on how much more funding is necessary to find a medical solution as well as keeping the virus contained to the state of Florida.

How far do you think the virus will spread before congress is back in session?