Disney is Joining in the Fight Against the Zika Virus

September 7, 2016 | Posted In: Bug Busters | Posted In: General | Posted In: Mosquito

It looks like even Disney is going to do its part to fight the Zika virus now that it has entered U.S. soil. They started giving away free bottles of Cutter insect spray last week. However, those tiny little bottles must have been breaking the bank since they now just changed from giving out those bottles to simply placing a giant industrial size container of insect repellent lotion on top of tables throughout the park. Just in case anyone doesn’t know how to apply the lotion, there are cast members standing by each table, ready to help answer any questions or concerns.

This seems a little cheap to me. I mean, I’m pretty sure everyone knows that if given a choice, people would much prefer spray over sticky lotion. And, in my opinion, changing the insect repellent you’re giving out to guests just a week after you start is just plain bad form. It’s pretty obvious that we’re just not worth the spray bottles – that’s how much Disney loves you…think about that.

If you had to choose between insect repellent lotion or spray, which would you choose? Does this make you lose just a little bit of respect for Disney?