Florida Locals Oppose Plan To Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

September 13, 2016 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Mosquito

Residents of The Florida Keys are protesting an experiment that they think makes them into guinea pigs. The residents are afraid that the special mosquitoes will harm indigenous wildlife. Another worry is that the released mosquitoes may become too big of a problem for the residents, and bug sprays may not be enough to stop such a large amount of them.

The Food and Drug Administration has concluded that the mutant mosquitoes to be released in South Florida do not pose a risk to the environment. A non-binding referendum is scheduled for November 8th, which is an opportunity for residents to voice their discontent. However, the decision ultimately comes down to a five member panel that is responsible for mosquito control. Three of the five members have said that they will follow whatever the public decides. According to a panel member two other members are up for reelection while another is retiring. Although releasing the mosquitoes may, in the long run, help against the spread of Zika, it is highly possible that the residents of Southern Florida will prevent the release of the mosquitoes.

Do you think that the scientists releasing the mutant mosquitoes need to obtain consent from the residents who live in the area where the mosquitoes are to be released?