Another Pest Bites the Dust

September 29, 2016 | Posted In: General

It is difficult to perfectly articulate the immense joy and satisfaction one can experience after annihilating a particularly annoying insect pest. I know, it sounds kind of barbaric, but anyone who says they don’t enjoy swatting a fly into oblivion or crushing a mosquito that has been biting you for hours is just plain lying. We humans find so much joy in killing these insect pests that numerous pest-killing devices have been created and are bought by the millions every year. Now these aren’t your simple plastic fly swatters. Oh no, these awesome devices make the kill oh so much more enjoyable and satisfying. I dare you to try one of them out and say that you don’t love it.

One such device that has been around for years is an electrified tennis racket-style bug zapper that will provide you with hours of fun. This bug zapper is serious. On the instructions that come with it, you are clearly advised not to touch any human with it because you might just fry their brains. When a flying pest comes in contact with the electrified tennis racket, you can actually see the smoke emanate from their crispy little body as the zapper fries them to bits. It’s ridiculously fun.

A newer device that has hit the market recently is a pest killer shaped like a toy gun called The Bug-A-Salt. The genius behind this device is its use of ordinary table salt shot at an extremely high velocity to kill unwanted insect pests. Simply find your intended target, aim the gun, and pull the trigger. Within mere seconds that flying pest will be blasted with a burst of table salt, effectively ending its reign of tyranny forever.

What is your favorite bug killer out on the market?