Biologist Wants To Bring Arthropods And People Closer Together

October 19, 2016 | Posted In: General

In response the misunderstanding people have towards bugs of all kinds biologist and artist Brandon Ballengee has created a museum of sorts that allows people to view live arthropods up close. This ambitious project took off twenty years ago, and the insect exhibition has been ongoing for the past ten years in places all over the world.

The exhibition consists of a large white canvas background with ultraviolet lights shone upon them. This set-up attracts everything from moths to spiders since just about all bugs seem to be attracted to UV light. Once the many bugs have gathered onto the canvass people from all over attend the exhibition and watch the bugs with fascination as opposed to fear.

The exhibition is called “Love Motel For Insects,” and its purpose is to literally bring people closer to bugs with the hopes that people may unlearn their fears of different bugs, or realize that their fears are irrational and unfounded. The exhibition has travelled internationally for the past ten years, and is currently set up in Laramie, Wyoming.

Have you ever stumbled upon an insect or spider that you had always been afraid of, but realized your fear was ill-founded after observing the creature and how it behaves?