Crickets Begin Their Annual Flight

November 3, 2016 | Posted In: General

Residents of various southern states in the United States are experiencing a plague of crickets. Many townsfolk around the southern US are claiming to never having seen so many crickets in their lives. These claims are in accordance with the large insect populations that have grown to immense proportions during the 2016 year. The heavy bug populations have been both reported by everyday people as well as scientifically documented.

The crickets are making a big appearance in the south since the colder climates are forcing these hop-happy creatures to migrate to warmer climates. Not only are the crickets reported to be extremely large in number, but many of them are also flying, which I personally did not know they could do.

The crickets are nocturnal fliers, and both the male and the female are able to fly. The crickets are attracted to lights as they fly about at night, so if you live in the country keeping your outside lights off is probably a good idea, unless you are trying to cash in on the current cricket-diet craze.

Have you ever witnessed a cricket flying?