Company Punishes Employees By Making Them Eat Bugs!?

November 16, 2016 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control

Company Punishes Employees By Making Them Eat Bugs!?

Everyone makes a mistake now and then at work. Even the most perfect employee is going to have a bad day every now and again. Usually the worst punishment you can expect to receive is a lecture from your boss, unless of course you really screw up and get fired. However, employees in a sales group working for a group of construction supplies and furniture companies in the Hanzhong, Shaanxi province of China received a rather bizarre and barbaric punishment when they didn’t meet sales quotas.

Witnesses reported that 60 employees were gathered in a plaza in downtown Hanzhong for a meeting when a man carrying bags filled with worms, chopsticks, cups, and bottles of the infamously strong Chinese alcoholic beverage baijiu. What happened next shocked and appalled both the employees and witnesses present. Employees that had failed to meet their sales quota were called forward one by one and were forced by a leader of the sales group to drink a noxious concoction of mealworms and alcohol. According to one of the employees, each person was forced to eat four worms for every customer they lost. And this wasn’t even the first time these employees had been punished in this manner for not meeting sales quotas. The punitive routine, which the firm’s boss Cao had come up with, had involved consuming ants and even live squid on previous occasions.

Punishments like this are not uncommon in China, with numerous companies forcing their workers to do such acts as crawl around on their hands and knees, swallow vile concoctions, and even get spanked for performing poorly. Makes you feel rather silly about complaining about your own job now, doesn’t it?

Have you heard of any other kinds of bizarre and cruel punishments employees have received at the hands of their clearly bonkers employers?