The Carpenter Ant: A Lonely Life | Atlanta Ant Control Experts

November 28, 2016 | Posted In: General

The carpenter ant is a unique type of ant for many reasons. One clearly noticeable reason for their uniqueness, which could be picked up by anyone who possesses a set of eyes, is the carpenter ants massive stature. When compared to all other ants in existence, there does not seem to be any species of ant that comes close to matching the size of the carpenter ant.

Within the colony of carpenter ants, the queen is often just as large as her workers, or, rather, she is just as small as her workers. The queen, as well as the worker ants, reaches an average, and equal size of one inch.

Most ants nest into the ground; the carpenter ant, on the other hand, dwells within moist wood that it can tunnel into to make dwelling compartments. This “wood” includes wet wood that may be a part of your home. It is not uncommon to find carpenter ants infesting dead wood that is located on a person’s property.

Once mating time rolls around, the solitary carpenter ants will use their wings to fly around until they couple with willing mates. After mating, the carpenter ants lose their wings and the fun is over for the oddest of all ant species.

Which other ants, if any, are able to fly at least at some point during their lifecycle?