A Man Brutally Attacked By A Colony Of Wasps Prompts New Research Into The Common Wasp And Its Environment

December 15, 2016 | Posted In: General

Paul Brown, an insect expert, has never had any cause to fear wasps. That is until a few weeks ago when Paul found himself standing on a wasps’ nest. Initially he thought he was standing on some leaves and fungus until Paul heard a faint buzzing. The buzzing soon turned to tingly sensations all over his bear legs as the wasps rapidly flew up his trousers. And in case you don’t know much about wasps, Paul was promptly stung by numerous wasps on his legs, neck, face, and just about any body part you can imagine. Luckily, Paul was able to reach his vehicle in time, successfully evading the disgruntled wasps. Despite how normal this situation may sound, this instance of wasp aggression has given way to new research as scientists have rarely documented wasp attacks on humans during the winter months.

Past research on the common wasp has revealed that worker wasps are almost always benign, unless the queen wasp is threatened. Furthermore, wasps feed solely off of grubs, but most, if not all grubs have died by the time December rolls around. So how have the wasps been gathering sustenance? According to most scientists, the culprit is warmer winters as a result of global warming.

Do you think that global warming and planetary waste and pollution will alter the development of the organisms belonging to planet earth?