Cutting Edge New Therapy Could Cure Arachnophobes

February 8, 2017 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Uncategorized

It seems like a fear of spiders must exist at least a little bit in varying degrees in different people, similar to a fear of heights. Some people become so anxious around arachnids that even seeing a picture can be enough to induce an anxiety attack. Recently, many experts in many different fields have been looking at how virtual reality can help people overcome their fears through repeated exposure to their object of fear. However, this type of exposure therapy does not work for all people for the obvious reason that arachnophobes are scared to death of even seeing an image of a spider.

Brain scans have revealed that the human brain works harder to regulate emotions when a person is not conscious of what it is that is frightening them. Based on this finding, researchers have exposed many different arachnophobes to images of spiders that are so brief that the images cannot be consciously perceived by the observer.

Repeated exposure to these images is already demonstrating that people can become conditioned to certain attitudes through observations that never reach consciousness. So this is probably the easiest and least emotionally challenging of any type of spider-cure therapy available today.

Have you seriously considered hiring the services of a hypnotist with the hopes that he/she could cure you of your fear of spiders or insects?