Elementary School Is Evacuated Because Of Raccoons | Animal Removal Atlanta

February 13, 2017 | Posted In: General

A whole lot of children had their parents in a panic when the children were suddenly evacuated from their school. These days, school evacuations conjure up tragic images of the past. However, this particular case is not so tragic, and perhaps some may find it a bit cute, until you remember that raccoons can carry rabies.

At some point during the nighttime hours when nobody was watching the elementary school, a family of raccoons snuck in for some shelter, but sadly their stay was a short one. A spokesperson for the District of Columbia School District said that once the raccoons were spotted wandering the halls he immediately phoned the Animal Control Services in order to have the raccoons removed before the kids miss any more class.

Many parents are upset with the school system officials because many parents believe that the raccoon entered through a window that was left open deliberately overnight. Apparently, the situation was such a strain on everyone involved that officials representing the DCSC have called in an animal control officers to educate both students and teachers about how to act upon encountering wild animals. The animal control officer will remain at the school to ensure no more raccoons find their way into the school.

Have you ever been sent home from school because there was a wild animal loose somewhere in the building where you attended classes?