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February 24, 2017 | Posted In: General

A Rare White Squirrel Was Spotted In A US Neighborhood

White squirrels are exceptionally rare, but they do exist. Some people may have heard of albino squirrels, or albinism in general, but white squirrels are not albino. Although genetics is responsible for both cases of colorlessness, albino squirrels have pink eyes, whereas white squirrels do not. Different parts of the United States have different amounts of white squirrels sightings, and they seem rare enough that you can count yourself lucky if you ever spot one.

Some areas such as the northwest around Washington state, as well as the Midwest seem to have the greatest number of white squirrel sighting, although white squirrels can be found anywhere in the US. In one midwestern city the white squirrel sighting are so frequent that the police force has sports an emblem of a white squirrel. Many small towns around the US pride themselves on their white squirrel populations. Despite the color not being advantageous for camouflage, the white squirrel population seems to be immune to extinction.

Have you ever spotted a white squirrel? If yes, did you know what you were looking at?