Squirrels Steal Easter Eggs From Excited Children On Easter Sunday | Squirrel Control

April 27, 2017 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Squirrel Control

When it comes to the damaging excesses caused by wildlife, people typically don’t look beyond their own front yards and gardens. Naturally, most people are concerned with avoiding wildlife-induced damage to their property. Whether it is squirrels, groundhogs, moles or voles that are responsible, people are mainly concerned with sparing damage to their own gardens and lawns. Sadly squirrels perpetrated the latest wildlife attack, and they did the unthinkable—they stole hidden Easter eggs before the local children had a chance to search for them.

It looks like squirrels ruined Easter Sunday for many kids. Some of the hidden eggs even contained money. About ten minutes after one couple sent their kids out on an Easter egg hunt, they received a call from their neighbors. The neighbors wanted to show them a video that they had just made with their cellphone. Sure enough, the video showed a squirrel cracking open a pink plastic egg that the man’s wife had just hidden. As the video was playing the neighbors pointed to an area on a tree-branch where two squirrels were sharing the contents of a plastic Easter egg. That Easter egg was also meant for the couples kids. Luckily the children arrived in time to find many of the eggs before the pesky squirrels got to them, they even found the egg with the money inside.

As the Easter Sunday was winding down for this recently robbed family. An empty plastic eggshell fell from a tree and landed on the mother’s head. Thus revealing to the children that more eggs were available, if only those squirrels could have left them alone.

Have you ever found yourself a part of an activity that was hijacked by wildlife? If you have, what was the activity, and what type/s of wildlife were you dealing with?