Bats Are Wreaking Havoc In An Old Church | Wildlife Control

May 19, 2017 | Posted In: General

You may have experienced a bat flying around your home at some point during your life. The situation is never pleasant; it is hard to imagine anybody not being repulsed by them when viewed up close. If you have dealt with a loose bat inside of your home, and I hope it was just one, then you know how discomforting your houseguests can be about a live bat presence. So try to imagine several bats flying about within a church while a sermon is in progress.

I am not sure if a sermon was in progress or not, but bats are found within churches frequently since churches are easily accessible. Bats are also known to inhabit construction areas for this very same reason. Believe it or not, but most churches are big enough to allow a few bats to hide out while people are present within the church. However, once an entire roost of bats calls a particular church home, then it is time to make efforts to get rid of the winged creatures.

If bats are left to their own devices within a church, or any building, unpleasant materials may begin to start appearing. In case you could not guess what these “materials” are, these materials include bat urine and bat excrement. If these bodily excretions become numerous throughout a structure then some serious damage can be done to the internal structures of a church. And given the fact that so many churches are already old, and in need of restoration, many churches cannot stand any further damage. Also, if a church is to be renovated then having bats flying around the construction workers may cause some workplace distress to say the least. Bat urine can be the most dangerous bat product because it contains uric acid, which can melt metal. So if you spot more than one bat in your church, or older home, then call animal control professionals for removal.

Have you ever seen a bat in a public place that was indoors?