Woman Kills Raccoon After It Attacks Her

June 20, 2017 | Posted In: Wildlife

Woman Kills Raccoon After It Attacks Her

If you have ever heard that raccoons are harmless creatures with no interest in attacking human beings, then you probably believed it. After all, who does not want to love raccoons? However, a recent incident involving a female jogger may have you questioning the true nature of the raccoon. Just recently, an American named Rachel Borch was outside and enjoying a peaceful jog through the woods. But suddenly, a raccoon jumped out of nowhere and began attacking Borch in a brutal manner. After an initial panic, Borch had no choice but to defend herself. But Borch did not just defend herself; she also drowned the raccoon in a nearby puddle. It is unknown as to whether or not Borch finished her jog.

During Borch’s unpleasant jog through the woods, she noticed a raccoon behaving strangely. The raccoon was on the same trail as Borch and making eye contact with her. Borch approached a narrow portion of the trail that could not support both her and the raccoon, so the raccoon decided to jump at her. Borch seemed sure that the raccoon’s strange movements around her feet meant that the raccoon was rabid, which only compounded her feeling of fear.

Eventually, after a short struggle, Borch kept running as fast as she could, but the raccoon had its jaws gripped around Borch’s thumb, and the raccoon was not ready to let go. Borch then dropped her phone in a puddle, which gave her an idea. She did not believe that she could be cold-blooded enough to strangle a raccoon, so she just forced its head underwater instead–I suppose that is the humane thing to do.

After a minute or so, the raccoon ceased movement. Borch then bolted out of the woods and to safety where she had her wounds treated. The raccoon was later found to be rabid, but fortunately Borg is receiving the proper medical care.

Have you ever felt threatened by a wild animal while spending time outdoors?