More Insect-Based Foods Are Reaching Grocery Store Shelves

July 13, 2017 | Posted In: Uncategorized

It is difficult to surf the Internet these days without encountering an article that touts the benefits of edible insects. It is quickly becoming common knowledge that insects have been regarded as food by many cultures around the world. Many countries, especially Asian countries, embrace many different types of insects as legitimate sources of nutrition. There is no doubt that a modern movement is taking place that aims to make insects a source of sustenance that the western world can resort to without repulsion.

Many citizens of Asian countries do not mind eating insects that have not been altered to resemble a different type of food, but this is not yet the case in America. Many global food production companies are processing insects with the intention of making them more appealing to western tastes. For example, some insects are being processed to resemble potato chips, which could be considered a favorite snack among many Americans.

Entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe are betting that Americans will learn to appreciate insect-based snacks. It may be hard to believe that insects like crickets and grasshoppers will be consumed with enthusiasm during super bowl parties in the future, but would you be willing to eat insects if they looked and tasted like familiar American-style dishes? For example, more American grocery stores, especially stores that sell alternative “super foods”, are selling insect infused pastas, insect protein bars, cricket infused cookies, and flour tortilla chips made from various types of insects. Not only do these products appear as though they are insect-free, but these foods do not taste like anything other than normal food products. Although many westerners may refuse to consume insects, no matter what form they happen to be in, experts insist that the widespread curiosity that exists concerning edible insects is only the first step towards an eventual acceptance of edible insects.

Would you consume insects if you were assured that they would not taste like insects? Do you even mind the thought of consuming insects?