Zika-Free Bermuda Becomes Hottest Vacation Destination for Pregnant Women

July 19, 2017 | Posted In: General

Zika-Free Bermuda Becomes Hottest Vacation Destination for Pregnant Women

The Zika virus may not be conquering the world quite as strongly as it did last summer, but it is still a major concern for women, especially pregnant or soon-to-become-pregnant women. Zika has invaded some of the hottest places people used flock to for a sun-filled, beach lazing, summer vacation. Brazil is certainly off the list now, as well as Mexico, most of South America, and basically any places with beaches except Hawaii and or New Zealand. Women have been searching the Internet for any news of Zika-free vacation spots that still involve the going to the beach (admittedly a very popular theme when it comes to summer vacation spots). This has, interestingly, ended up making Bermuda the new vacation hotspot for pregnant women and women that plan on getting pregnant.

The isolated island of Bermuda is situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and more importantly, far from any places even remotely connected to he Zika virus. On top of that, tickets there are cheap, and so are the accommodations, which more than one person looking for a Zika-free location noticed. Thus, visitors to Bermuda can’t help but notice the large number of pregnant women that have flocked to this Zika-safe destination. The beaches are packed with large-bellied women relaxing under the sun, floating in the water, and enjoying a sunny beach vacation without worries about the safety of the babies in their bellies.

Word about this new Zika-free destination has spread pretty quickly, mostly by word of mouth. Despite the even bigger boom in tourism Bermuda could benefit from, the Bermuda Tourism Authority isn’t actively marketing their Zika-free status. You’d think the resorts, hotels, and every other tourist-related company would be screaming it from the rafters, but all is quiet about Bermuda’s recent baby boom. Oddly enough, all the tourists seem to have noticed the popularity of the island. One pregnant tourist commented, “It was pregnancy central. Everyone was pregnant. There were a lot of pregnant people on the plane.” Another speculated that they thought the islanders haven’t quite realized why droves of people are suddenly flocking there. Either way, it’s clear that Bermuda is the new vacation destination for women wanting a Zika-free holiday. You’d better hurry and get your reservation before word spreads…

Have you or someone you know been looking for a vacation destination free from the Zika virus? Had you heard of Bermuda yet?