Discovering 35,000 Bees Living Above Your Bed Would Bee a Nightmare

August 3, 2017 | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control | Posted In: North Carolina Pest & Termite Control

Discovering 35,000 Bees Living Above Your Bed Would Bee a Nightmare

Bees can sometimes take staring roles in our dreams, but usually once we wake up those bright flyers disappear. For one woman, however, she discovered she literally had thousands of bees intruding on her sleep. A woman called a pest controller after finding a few bees buzzing around her bed, only to discover that she had a hive of 35,000 bees living right above her bed inside the ceiling!

Cherisse Mulzac began finding a few bees buzzing around her bedroom that seemed to have mysteriously come from out of nowhere. After an allergic neighbor was stung, she decided to call in the bee rescuer to handle the problem. Even the third-generation beekeeper, Mickey Hegedus, called in to help was shocked at what he found. Just to get past all of the honeycomb he found, Mickey had to cut a four foot hole in the woman’s ceiling above her bed. Once he got through the massive comb, Mickey found a massive colony of 35,000 bees that had made their home in the small space inside the woman’s ceiling.

As you might have expected, thousands of unhappy bees exited the hole made in their hive, along with giant chunks of honeycomb that came crashing down from the ceiling, with honey dripping down the walls like it was some sweet/nightmarish bee horror movie come to life. The bees took seven hours to remove, but the woman and her son were left with a pretty sweet treat – 70 pounds of yummy honey. This was 100% natural honey that you would have a hard time finding in a store, and homemade to boot. The honey they ended up getting in return was well worth more than the trouble and scare they experienced.

The mother and son couldn’t believe they had lived there with them for years without ever noticing. “When you see so many, you just feel like they’re crawling on you! It’s spooky that they could live here all these years and we had no idea — you can’t even hear them,” said Stuart Mulzac, Cherisse’s son.

Have you or a friend ever had to deal with a bee infestation? Did you get any honey out of the situation?