Every State In America Employs A Bee Detective

August 21, 2017 | Posted In: Uncategorized

Every State In America Employs A Bee Detective

We may not hear about it much anymore, but for years the news media was seemingly flooded with stories about dropping bee populations. There are many species of bees in the world, but honeybees are the most important to many people, such as farmers, government representatives, and just about everybody. Honeybees are important to you, even if you do not know it. This is because honey bee-related products and services have a tremendous effect on the state of the world economy. Of course, most bees are potential plant-pollinators, so honey bee populations are not the only concern. Since humanity needs bees so badly, many professionals from various fields make world bee populations a major concern. In fact, here in America, state governments employ professionals, usually entomologists, to investigate, examine, and report back information regarding various potential threats to bees and their environments. These state employed bee detectives are known as “apiary inspectors”.

You have heard of national organizations that represent the interests of various professions, such as doctors, legal professionals, and just about any profession you can name. You may not have known that even these apiary inspectors can become members of their own national organization as well. This organization is known as Apiary Inspectors of America, or AIA.

Apiary inspectors make a living by examining bee environments, as well as individual bees for possible diseases that could affect the wider bee population. However, apiary inspectors can perform a variety of tasks, just so long as they are working to preserve bee populations.

When you heard about the bee population declines on the news or online, you were most likely getting your information from the work performed by apiary inspectors. If you google “bee apiary” you will likely find that every state employs these inspectors so that bee populations will not decline to dangerously low levels. If honey bee populations decreased to a certain point, then the world would certainly go into chaos.

Had you ever heard of a bee apiary before? Do you think that governments should do more to maintain proper bee population numbers?