Brown Recluse Bites Are Increasing, And One Bite Victim Nearly Died

December 13th, 2017

Brown Recluse Bites Are Increasing, And One Bite Victim Nearly Died

We have all heard of brown recluse spiders, and most of you probably fear them. This fear is understandable, as these spiders are highly venomous and are also quite numerous in North America. Perhaps brown recluse spiders are even more numerous than you think, as medical professionals have been reporting an increase in cases involving brown recluse recluse bites. These spiders are located throughout the United States, but they are particularly problematic within the state of Tennessee. In fact, brown recluse spiders are so common in Tennessee that experts believe that every resident should assume that the spiders exist somewhere within the confines of their homes. These spiders can kill, but luckily it is rare for them to take the life of one of their victims. One man from Georgia, Aidan Gorey, was almost killed recently after sustaining a brown recluse bite in Tennessee.

Gorey has always been an adventurous type who is attracted to danger, but Gorey claims that nothing has ever brought him closer to death than the brown recluse bite that he sustained last summer. After being bitten by the spider, Gorey fell deeply ill. He experienced flu-like symptoms and his temperature reached one hundred and four degrees. Gorey had recently learned that his new home had a serious infestation of the dangerous spiders. Gorey’s roommate even found one of the spiders under his pillow. Gorey visited the emergency room after discovering his high temperature. Doctors had measured Gorey’s red blood cell count, which had decreased to eight. If his cell count had decreased further, Gorey would have fallen into a coma. For a while Gorey was in critical condition and doctors were not sure if he could be saved. Luckily, Gorey survived, but he will never put his shoes on again without first checking them for a spider presence. Brown recluse spiders can hide anywhere, and bites should always be examined by a doctor.

Have you ever spotted a brown recluse spider? If you have, did you kill it?

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