A Fundraiser Has Been Organized For A Beloved Public Leader Afflicted With West Nile

January 25, 2018 | Posted In: Mosquito

A Fundraiser Has Been Organized For A Beloved Public Leader Afflicted With West Nile

Some people prefer to be loners, which is great until you need people’s support. Luckily, one victim of the West Nile virus has had the support of his entire town while recovering from the disease and other related medical issues. During the summer of 2017 a chiropractor named Mike Drout became infected with the West Nile virus. Soon afterwards Mike fell into a coma, and he developed both meningitis and encephalitis as a result of the disease. Now, a whole year later, Mike has recovered to the point where he can soon be released from the hospital. A year in the hospital can be pretty pricey, and this is why Mike’s community has organized a fundraiser to help him pay for his medical bills.

Shortly after being diagnosed with the West Nile virus last summer, Mike fell into a coma that lasted six days. Before being admitted to a hospital, Mike noticed that he had become excessively weak and could not move around well. He was unable to lift his arms over his shoulders, and he was eventually forced to use a walker in order to get around. A few days after he started using the walker, Mike became unable to stand. It was at this point that Mike finally visited a doctor. After being diagnosed with West Nile, Mike also contracted meningitis and encephalitis. West Nile is known for its unpleasant cognitive symptoms. The disease attacks the brain and interferes with brain functioning in some cases. Only in rare cases will West Nile victims develop meningitis and/or encephalitis. Most West Nile-infected victims report to a hospital before such illnesses develop. However, Mike was a special case, as his case of West Nile advanced to dangerous levels before he visited a doctor.

Mike is a well known and beloved figure in his community. As a chiropractor he offers his services to the Brew City Wrestling team. Mike is the head of the wrestling team, which means that many children and their parents have become familiar with Mike’s likable demeanor. This is why students and parents have organized a fundraising event to help Mike pay his medical bills. The fundraising event is being presented as a wrestling showcase named “a night for Mike”.

Do you think that Mike could have avoided coming down with meningitis and encephalitis if he had reported to a hospital sooner?