Termites Can Be Eradicated With The Cashew Nuts?

February 19, 2018 | Posted In: Termite Control | Posted In: Termites

Termites Can Be Eradicated With The Cashew Nuts?

New methods of termite control are constantly being explored and developed by experts all over the world. The continuous effort to find novel ways of killing termites is likely appreciated by everyone who has fallen victim to a termite infestation in the past. At the moment, the number of termite control methods that are available to pest control professionals are relatively limited. Developing new methods of termite control is not easy due to the high amount of regulations that new pest control products must pass before being marketed. One new substance that has been proven effective for termite eradication is found in nuts. To be more specific, an extract from a cashew nut shell has been shown to kill termites in a relatively short amount of time. Cashew nut shell liquid or CNSL is the technical term for this particular extract.

Researchers have tested CNSL on Philippine milk termites with great success. Cashew crops are among the largest cash-crops in the Philippines. Cashew nuts are used for a variety of different purposes, not just for eating. For example, cashews are used for the development of resins, automotive brake linings, heat-proof and waterproof paint, varnish and enamels. Understandably, the cultivation of cashew trees is a significant part of the Island country’s economy.

The Philippine milk termite is considered a damaging insect pest in the Philippines. These termites are subterranean and they attack wood-constructed structures regularly. This termite-pest has become so damaging that the Philippine Government has established a termite control program to address the damages caused by this pest. The termite-killing liquid that has recently been extracted from cashew nut shells was discovered by scientists working in this program. Scientists with the program proved that a ten percent extract of this cashew-liquid can kill a colony of termites within a twenty-four hour period. Researchers believe that this extract can be used to coat lumber in order to prevent termite-induced damage to timber-framed structures. However, researchers admit that further testing in necessary before this substance becomes commercially available.

Do you believe that the liquid extract described in the above article could be hazardous to humans as well?