An Elderly Woman Was Sent To A Cockroach-Infested Dump By The British Government

March 14, 2018 | Posted In: Uncategorized

An Elderly Woman Was Sent To A Cockroach-Infested Dump By The British Government

In the United Kingdom social welfare programs provide housing for many homeless citizens who are physically unable to work. As you can imagine these British social welfare programs are largely used by the country’s elderly citizens. The United Kingdom is well known for providing for its needy and economically impoverished citizens, but that reputation has recently taken a major hit. A few weeks ago a sixty eight year old woman was evicted from her housing unit in East Sussex by order of the local government. The woman was then provided with a hotel room until housing units became available to accommodate the woman’s needs. Unfortunately, the temporary housing that the woman stayed in contained an abundance of bed bugs and cockroaches.

According to the social worker who was assigned to the woman’s case, the council ignored the woman’s complaints concerning the roach and bed bug infestation within her hotel room. The hotel that the woman was staying at claimed that she swapped rooms with her son who was also staying at the hotel, but this turned out to be untrue. As a result of the hotel manager’s claim, the woman’s housing benefit was stopped since she failed to fill out a “change-of-room form”. This meant that the woman had to pay for her long stay at the insect-infested hotel. The cost exceeded one thousand pounds. Eventually, the woman’s luck changed for the better as the council was soon forced compensate the woman for all costs associated with the hotel room and relocation. The council was also forced into apologizing to the elderly woman.

In other cockroach related-news from the United Kingdom, a popular restaurant located in Newport was forced to close and pay a hefty fine after an extensive roach infestation was found in the kitchen. Apparently, the infestation was so widespread that even restaurant customers could tell that the establishment had a roach infestation. After several complaints were lodged by members of the public, the restaurant was finally forced to contact a pest control professional.

Do you think that most restaurants contain at least a small number of cockroaches?