A Politician Received A Death Threat In The Form Of Several Cockroach Corpses

May 10th, 2018

A Politician Received A Death Threat In The Form Of Several Cockroach Corpses

Political processes are different from country to country. Some government regimes do not exist for the people, such as the North Korean Government. Happily, there are plenty of political systems that allow the people and their elected representatives to dictate policy,  as is the case in America and other western democracies. Even some of the most well developed democratic societies can seem strange to Americans. For example, British politicians are well known for their heated and verbose debates that sometimes veer towards childish insults. However, in the country of China, politicians are sometimes targeted for bizarre assassination attempts. The most recent example involves the use of cockroaches as a metaphor for assassination.

A politician in Hong Kong has recently received a letter that contained nine dead cockroaches. Apparently, most politicians in the region agree that the letter amounted to a death threat. Although it was reported that a “letter” had accompanied the dead roaches in a parcel, the press has not released any more information concerning what the letter says. However, the letter most likely does not explicity state that the sender wants the politician assassinated; instead the dead roaches are making that desire clear on the part of the sender. In China, cockroaches are probably the most meaningful and culturally significant of all insect groups. It is difficult for westerners to even guess how receiving a letter containing cockroaches can be construed as a metaphor for assassination, but it is safe to say that westerners typically do not apply the same degree of meaning to roaches that Chinese citizens do. This roach situation has been reported to authorities in Hong Kong, and they are now searching for the culprit. Meanwhile, the threatened politician is warning Chinese citizens to not risk heavy penalties by resorting to similar postal shenanigans.

Have you ever discovered an insect of spider within your mailbox? If so, were you bit before you became aware of the arthropod presence?

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