An Insect That Looks Like A Two Headed Creature Is Giving People The Creeps

May 16th, 2018

An Insect That Looks Like A Two Headed Creature Is Giving People The Creeps

It is not uncommon for people to spot bizarre looking insects. When a unique looking insect is found, many people likely run the other direction, as fears of creepy-crawlies are also not uncommon. In some cases, however, curious people may attempt to capture the odd looking insects that they find in order to hopefully have them identified by a professional entomologist. Since it is rare to encounter a new insect species while walking about in a highly populated area, entomologists more often than not succeed in quickly identifying even the rarest and most unusual of insect species. Of course, there are always exceptions, and one recent find in Argentina certainly counts as one. A woman recently spotted a strange object pulsating as it slowly moved between the blades of grass within her backyard. Upon closer inspection, the woman was shocked to find what appeared to be a “two-headed snake.” Curious about her find, the woman captured the creature and kept it in a container until it could be properly identified. The woman wasted no time posting a picture of the creature to Facebook. She assumed that somebody would be able to respond with an accurate answer concerning the creature’s species identity. Despite receiving thousands of replies from people all over the world, including several insect experts, the identity of the creature remains a mystery, but it is definitely an insect.

The snake-like creature is a bit stubby for a snake, as it is only four inches long, and it also has several legs. The creature is almost certainly a caterpillar, but which type of caterpillar has remained a matter of dispute. Most experts believed the creature to be a sort of hawk moth species, and some experts have insisted that it is actually an elephant hawk moth. However, the elephant hawk moth is found only in Europe, and this specimen was found in Argentina, therefore this specimen is likely not an elephant hawk moth. The specimen is most likely a hawk moth species that has altered its appearance in order to avoid predators, which many caterpillar species are capable of doing.

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