President Trump’s Resort Has Been Cited For The Presence Of Cockroaches In Its Kitchens

June 28, 2018 | Posted In: Uncategorized

President Trump’s Resort Has Been Cited For The Presence Of Cockroaches In Its Kitchens

Whatever you may think of Donald Trump is your business, but there is no denying that the President has had issues with cockroaches ever since he took office. Back when the President first moved into the White House, he was put-off by the roach infestation in the basement and dining room. Since then, several of Trump’s restaurants have been cited for health code violations, many of them were cockroach-related.

The President’s famous resort destination, Mar-A-Lago, has been cited for the roach presence in the resort’s kitchen area. In addition to his resort, Trump’s Doral golf club outside Miami has also been hit with several cockroach-related health code citations. The kitchen was found to be containing numerous live and dead cockroaches. During a 2015 visit, inspectors noted twenty to twenty five live cockroaches that were clearly visible in the club’s main kitchen. Of course, finding roaches in restaurant kitchens is by no means rare, as even the most famous restaurants have been cited for the presence of cockroaches.

Cockroaches were recently found at three different restaurants in one singe area of the San Gabriel Valley in southern California. A health inspector cited three Chinese restaurants in Rowland Heights for cockroaches. In one of these restaurants, Lu’s Garden, inspectors found several living and dead adult cockroaches as well as several nymphs in areas all over the restaurant kitchen. These infested areas included the sinks, ice machine and a two-door freezer. If a simple cockroach infestation is not enough, the inspectors also found roach feces smeared on a wall that is located near storage shelves. These fecal marks apparently covered the entire back wall of the kitchen. Due to these several egregious violations, Lu’s Garden was forced to shut down. This restaurant may have a hard time re-earning its customer base.

Have you ever discovered a cockroach in a restaurant?