A Man Has Attracted Controversy Over A Video Showing His Revenge Against A Cockroach That Bit Him

July 2nd, 2018

A Man Has Attracted Controversy Over A Video Showing His Revenge Against A Cockroach That Bit Him

It is hard to believe that some people actually enjoy the company of cockroaches, but believe it or not, but there exists cockroach cultivation kits that can be purchased online or in some pet stores. With the exception of a few cockroach-loving individuals, roaches are generally not welcome into people’s homes. Simply seeing a cockroach skitter across your living room floor is bad enough, but being bitten by a cockroach is a special kind of horror that only a few unlucky people have experienced. Although cockroaches are not classified as disease-carrying insects, their unsanitary foraging habits make them a threat to humans. A cockroach bite can potentially cause infection if the offending cockroach is covered with bacteria gathered from foul living conditions, which are the only conditions that cockroaches seem to gravitate toward. However, such instances of infection are rare, but receiving a cockroach bite is still enough to ruin a person’s day. One man who recently sustained a cockroach bite decided to search for the offending roach in order to exact his revenge against the creatures. While sustaining a cockroach bite may be frustrating, most bite victims would stop short of torturing the cockroach perpetrators, but not Facebook user J. K. Lumio. Not only did Lumio torture the roaches that bit him, but he also recorded the event before posting the video to Facebook for all the world to see. Perhaps not surprisingly, this inhumane act may have provoked the ire of animal rights activists.

Lumio’s Facebook post claims that he had sustained a cockroach bite to his eye. After sustaining the bite, Lumio immediately spotted the cockroach offender. According to Lumio, the cockroach that bit him tried recruiting help from another cockroach once Lumio attempted to squash the insect. Lumio also claimed that the cockroach bite kept his eye swollen for three full days. Not long after Lumio was bitten, he tracked down the offending roach and its partner in crime. He then taped the two roaches to a wall in order to hit them with a ball point pen. The roaches attempted to fight back, but then Lumio decided to end their days by spraying a large amount of roach repellent onto their tape-bound bodies. As you can imagine, this video post showing this act of roach torture has drawn a controversial response from the Facebook community. Most people seemed amused by Lumio’s actions, while others worried that animal rights activists would take issue with the display.

Do you believe that insects should be accorded rights like many types of mammalian animals benefit from?


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