A Man Is Being Accused Of Animal Cruelty After Killing A Cockroach In A Homemade Electric Chair

July 9, 2018 | Posted In: Uncategorized

If you think that cockroaches are a problem in America, then you should try living in a country that is located within the tropics. Cockroach populations are at their highest in tropical regions, so you would think that people living within these regions would be used to cockroaches by now. However, a recent news story from the Philippines would suggest that cockroaches get even more hate in tropical regions than they do elsewhere. This story involved the deliberate torture and execution of a cockroach by means of electricity. A video of the electrocution was posted to Facebook. Within a day of the posting, people from all over the world began crying “animal cruelty” over the stunt, but the executioner is not making any apologies.

A sculptor living in the Philippines became frustrated after a cockroach entered his apartment through a window that he had opened. Initially, the sculptor, Gabriel Tuazon, wanted to squish the cockroach, but it landed on his desk, which he aimed to keep free from cockroach guts. Tuazon thought fast and picked up a container in order to trap the roach. Once the roach was trapped, Tuazon could not help but to brainstorm different and creative ways to kill the roach. Eventually, Tuazon decided that electrocuting the insect was the way to go.

Being a sculptor, Tuazon created a miniature electric chair using household items. The electricity was produced with batteries and a lightbulb. The roach was strapped into the chair with a metal cap placed over its head. After spending two hours creating the torture device, Tuazon was ready to record the grisly execution in order to post the video to Facebook afterward. Immediately after Tuazon flicked the switch, electricity was fed into the metal cap on the roaches’ head. This caused the roach to twitch before dying. Shortly after the video was posted, a flood of angry messaged flowed in condemning the act of torture as animal cruelty. However, Tuazon was unapologetic, as he claimed that the roach was “not supposed” to enter his room through the open window. Fair enough.

Do you believe that Tuazon committed an act of “animal cruelty” by electrocuting the roach? Are you personally appalled by Tuazon’s sadistic actions?