A Cockroach Mother And Her 25 Offspring Were Found Alive Within A Man’s Ear Canal

July 16, 2018 | Posted In: Uncategorized

Every once in a while, a person will visit the emergency room in order to have a cockroach removed from his/her ears. As it turns out, it  is not uncommon for cockroaches to enter people’s ears while they sleep. Numerous people have fallen victim to this unfortunate circumstance, but one man recently reported to an ER only to be told that he had an entire family of cockroaches living within his inner ear.

A nineteen year old patient, known only as Mr. Li, reported to an emergency room after experiencing intolerable pain within his ear canal. Mr. Li believed that his ear pain had been caused by a common ear infection. His ear was itchy, red and in perpetual pain. The doctors did not hesitate to examine his inner ears, but they were not ready to find the creatures that had been in Mr. Li’s ears for days. The doctors were understandably horrified to discover the numerous insects that had been in Mr. Li’s ears for a period of several weeks. While examining his ears, doctors found several tiny moving insects. In addition to this troubling find, they also found a large mummified cockroach corpse.

Mr. Li’s inner ear contained a total of twenty five cockroach offspring as well as one dead mother cockroach. The doctors believed that the female cockroach entered Mr. Li’s ear several weeks before it laid eggs within his ear. Apparently, the organs within Mr. Li’s inner ear had become damaged as a result of the weeks long cockroach infestation within his head. Doctors discovered the roaches within Mr. Li’s ear immediately upon examination. The doctors that treated Mr. Li stated that he would have sustained permanent ear damage if he had waited another day to seek medical assistance. To put it simply, Mr. Li’s ear was nearly destroyed, but with time, the damage to his ear will heal.

Would you panic if you knew you had a family of cockroaches dwelling within your head?