What Are You Doing For Asian Hornet Week? And Have These Murderous Insects Arrived In America?

September 14, 2018 | Posted In: General

In case you were not aware, this week is Asian hornet week, and all the world is focused intently on the several cutting edge developments concerning Asian hornet control strategies. Well, of course this is not the case, but many pest control professionals, entomologists, and insect enthusiasts very much wish the rest of the world shared their enthusiasm for everything insect related, even if the insects in question are dangerous wasps that are responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of deaths. Although you probably have no interest in the particularly aggressive types of wasps known as hornets, it is true that Asian hornet week exists, and it occurs between the dates of September 10th through the 16th. This time of year is significant for ecologists, entomologists, beekeepers and pest control professionals, as Asian hornets begin their bee-murdering spree every year during the late summer and early fall seasons. Not only do environmentally-conscious people want to prevent the worsening of colony collapse disorder, which is the scientific explanation for the global decrease in bee populations, but this time of year is the last chance for pest control professionals to prevent the emergence of more Asian hornet queens.

Asian hornet week is especially significant for beekeepers who have to make hornets and other wasp species a constant concern, lest these brutal insects succeed in their attempts to kill-off the economically and environmentally important honey bee populations. Asian hornets are not just a threat to bee populations, as these hornets have also managed to kill an astounding amount of humans in recent years. Most Asian hornet attacks occur in European countries where they are not native. For example, a 58 year old farmer living in northern France was recently killed as a result of an Asian hornet attack. As of 2016, experts seem nearly positive that Asian hornets have not wound-up in any regions within North America. Hopefully, this will remain the case.

Do you fear the arrival of Asian hornets within America?