People Living On The East Coast Are Being Attacked By Super-Sized Mosquitoes Due To Hurricane Florence

October 1, 2018 | Posted In: Mosquito

Due to the fact that mosquito populations have become a major threat to public health in recent years, experts have recommended that people take measures to repel the insects from, not only themselves, but also from the areas where people live. For example, in order to prevent large mosquito populations from gathering in human populated areas, public health officials have recommended that homeowners remove all sites containing standing water from their yards. Kiddie pools, above ground pools and bird feeders are common sources of standing water within people’s yards. Considering how a bird feeder can attract numerous mosquitoes, you can imagine how thick mosquito populations can become in the aftermath of hurricanes. The flood waters that result from hurricanes can take weeks to recede. Mosquitoes are just as dangerous to people as high flood waters, as mosquitoes are, obviously, common vectors for disease. In the days following Hurricane Florence, the massive flood waters in many North Carolina towns have attracted enormous and highly aggressive mosquitoes that have been dubbed “mega-mosquitoes.”

According to USA Today, these mega-mosquitoes are “blood thirsty,” “aggressive,” and “monstrous pests.” As it turns out, these super-sized mosquitoes are, indeed, not your typical mosquitos. This particular mosquito species is commonly referred to as “gallinippers” and they grow up to 20 times larger than normal mosquitoes. Even more shocking is the fact that gallinippers possess stingers and they are not shy about using them on humans. Apparently, the sting of a gallinipper is comparable to being stabbed.

Residents of North Carolina have shocked the rest of the US by posting pictures of these enormous mosquitoes on social media sites. One woman recorded footage of the giant mosquitoes splattering on her windshield. This particular video has already been viewed more than 250,000 times and it has been shared more than 3,500 times. In response to the terrifying hoard of gigantic mosquitoes, North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, has ordered a four million dollar mosquito control program to start immediately in the state.

Have you ever heard of gallinippers before?