Squirrel Killings Have Residents Of One Connecticut Neighborhood Mystified And Disturbed

October 29, 2018 | Posted In: Wildlife Control and Removal | Posted In: Wildlife Control Atlanta

During the month of October, shortly before Halloween arrives, it becomes acceptable for people to indulge their darker curiosities. At any other time of the year, watching documentaries about Jack the Ripper or “the real life Hannibal Lecter” may strike your friends and family as strange, to say the least. However, Halloween allows people to explore even the most horrifying aspects of human nature, without the social ostracism that a person would inevitably experience if such inquiries were made during Christmas or Easter. Then again, one recent event may be too macabre even for the most spirited of Halloween enthusiasts. This event concerns a number of mutilated squirrel corpses that residents of one Connecticut neighborhood have been finding outside of their homes for weeks.

The town of Waterbury has been plagued by the antisocial actions of one, or several individuals who do not seem to like squirrels. For the past few weeks, residents of one particular neighborhood in the town have been waking in the morning to discover severed squirrels tails dumped in front of their homes. So far, 19 tails have been found neatly placed in the street in front of multiple homes, and nobody knows how they got there or who has been planting them. As you can imagine, this disturbing discovery has prompted several theories among the residents concerning the motives for the squirrel mutilations. For example, one resident, Javana Bernard, believes that a cult or a black magic ritual of some kind may be the reason for the severed squirrel tails. Erika Dibble, Bernard’s neighbor, has a similar theory, only she has been considering voodoo rituals as a reason for the mutilations.

The first sighting of mutilated squirrels occured three weeks ago, and those instances had the tails placed in more elaborate patterns than the ones being spotted more recently. Unfortunately, the local police department will not be investigating the matter, as squirrel hunting is not illegal in the area. Hopefully, the perpetrators behind this undeniably sick act will not cause any more disturbances in the area once Halloween has passed.

Do you believe that the lives of wild animals are not considered as sacred as they should be by most people?