The Rare Hairless Raccoon That Resembled A Mythical Creature Has Died Despite Receiving Constant Medical Care

November 29, 2018 | Posted In: General

There are many people who believe that undocumented and rarely seen creatures, like bigfoot and the Jersey devil, exist naturally in the wild despite a complete lack of documented evidence to support such a scenario. The natural tendency to entertain ridiculous and sensational ideas of this sort was well represented recently by the discovery of a hairless raccoon that some people insisted was the notorious and blood-sucking mythic animal that is most often referred to as the chupacabra. To the credit of these few naive souls, even the animal rescue volunteers who found the critter and other wildlife experts had trouble identifying the creature due to its complete lack of hair. After examining a few distinct features, mostly the critter’s feet, the animal was determined to be a raccoon. It is extremely rare to find hairless raccoons in the wild, and experts are not exactly sure what condition is responsible for causing the hair loss. The animal rescue organization that found and cared for the raccoon has never once taken in a hairless raccoon in the entire 30 years of its existence, and this is in spite of the approximately 400 raccoons that the organization rescues each year. Sadly, after a week-long struggle to nurse the raccoon back to health following its exposure to harsh outdoor conditions, the raccoon died.

The wildlife rescue organization that attempted to save the raccoon has volunteers locate and care for wild animals that have been abandoned, injured, afflicted with illness and/or in a state of starvation. The raccoon’s condition upon being found outdoors was serious, but after being rescued, the raccoon’s physical condition became critical. In an effort to help the raccoon recover it had been undergoing treatments involving four antibiotics and constant medical supervision. The animal rescue organization had even been taking donations to help pay for the popular raccoon’s veterinarian bills. Despite all efforts to save the raccoon, it died peacefully in its sleep.

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