The Science Of Bugs Was Founded By An Unlikely Figure

February 14th, 2019

The Science Of Bugs Was Founded By An Unlikely Figure

It may be hard to believe, but the scientific field concerned with the study of bugs has not always been popular. This particular academic field of study is now referred to as “entomology”. Although many people may be well aware of the science of entomology, this particular field is quite new when compared to other scientific disciplines. Even today entomologists are in high demand. This is due to the fact that insects are becoming more important in the effort to maintain a healthy natural environment. In addition to that, many modern students are not interested in the field of entomology. Now that humanity has become aware of the consequences that result from decreasing insect populations, the field of entomology could become the most important academic field regarding the preservation of earth’s natural environments, and maybe human existence as well. Due to the increasing importance of insect related knowledge, experts are honoring the American pastor who wrote the first book on insects. This book kickstarterted the entire field of entomology. Surprisingly, the man who wrote the book had no formal education concerning insects, which is because this academic option had not yet existed in his time.

A pastor named Frederick Valentine Melsheimer wrote the earliest American academic text on insects. Today he is widely regarded as the “the father of American Entomology”. Melsheimer wrote the groundbreaking book entitled “A Catalogue of Insects of Pennsylvania”. This book was printed for public consumption in the year of 1806. Despite studying religion in college and spending most of his life as a pastor, Melsheimer had always possessed a keen interest in insect life. As a child Melsheimer collected different insect specimens in Europe. As an adult Melsheimer relocated to America, where he would remain for the duration of his life. Melsheimer became involved in the Revolutionary War as a young man and later settled in the state of Pennsylvania. After settling in the state, Melsheimer devoted his time to religion and the study of insects. Melsheimer eventually collected over fifteen thousand different insect species. Melsheimer’s book consists of descriptions of one thousand three hundred and sixty three different insect species. At the time, it was quite likely that no individual on the planet had yet gained a degree of insect-related knowledge that would have rivaled Melsheimer’s vast knowledge of insect life.

Have you ever met anybody who had graduated with a degree in entomology?

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