Georgia Parents Arrested For Raising Their Children Within A Home Containing A Massive, Disgusting And Dangerous Roach Infestation

February 27, 2019 | Posted In: General

Cockroach infestations are typically not tolerated by homeowners or tenants, as cockroaches are widely acknowledged as being the most unpleasant and disgusting of all arthropod home invaders. However, two parents from Augusta had no problem living within a home containing a massive cockroach infestation, and they did not seem to care how their children felt about their thousands of roach roommates. According to neighbors, the two parents, Cynthia Westbury and Michael Griswell, were not known to be keeping a roach infested house. When one neighbor was shown pictures of the home’s deplorable internal condition, she could not believe her eyes, as Cynthia was home everyday, and easily could have cleaned her home before hiring a much needed pest control professional. Due to the massive roach infestation, and the risk this infestation posed to Cynthia and Michael’s two children, the parents were both arrested and charged with child deprivation. The home was condemned due to the extensive roach infestation.

When police officers arrived at the home after receiving a tip from welfare authorities, they found cockroaches exiting holes in walls and they estimated that the home contained one cockroach for every ten inches of space. Sadly, officers found cockroaches crawling all over Cynthia’s daughter as she slept, and the home also contained Cynthia’s young disabled son. The home was also found to be the riddled with dog feces, which only increased the danger posed by the roaches, as roaches sometimes spread disease by making contact with feces before crawling onto humans or their food. Due to the presence of cockroaches on virtually every surface within the home, the home has been emptied and condemned. In addition to the child deprivation charge, Michael was also charged with disorderly conduct after throwing a fit upon returning home to find police officers in his house.

Have you ever entered a roach infested home that did not seem to bother the occupants?