Why Did A Woman Choose To Spend Over A Month Locked Within A Glass Box Containing Thousands Of Deadly Scorpions?

March 19, 2019 | Posted In: General

It is well known that spiders and scorpions are commonly feared. Due to this common knowledge, those who do not fear arachnids often show off their fearlessness by openly handling creepy-crawlies in front of onlookers. You have probably encountered this type before, but anyone who takes this showboating to the next level by lying within a transparent box full of thousands of scorpions must really want to impress the girls. As it happens, a Malaysian citizen performed this stunt within a shopping mall full of spectators. But the daredevil in this case was not a man hoping to impress females; instead, the daredevil was a woman who wanted to set a world record. Amazingly, the woman remained within a glass box with more than 6,000 scorpions for a period of 32 days. Not surprisingly, she received a world record title for this stunt, as well as a few scorpion stings.

This woman is named Nur Malena Hassan, but she may be better known by her well-earned nickname, the “Scorpion Queen”. During the woman’s long-running stunt that took place within a shopping mall in Kuantan in central Pahang state, Malaysia, she sustained several stings. But these stings did not bother the Scorpion Queen, as she had spent years building an immunity to the toxic effects of scorpion venom by allowing the arachnids to sting her on a regular basis. Despite her immunity, it was still important to remain perfectly still within the box at all times. If the Scorpion Queen had been stung in rapid succession by any of the 6,049 scorpions that she had been rooming with, she surely would have died. During her stunt, a doctor was constantly standing by to administer antivenom in case of emergency. The scorpion queen only left her box once daily for 15 minutes in order to use the bathroom and eat.

Would you be willing to make an attempt at breaking the Scorpion Queen’s record?