A Horrifying Brown Recluse Infestation Was Discovered On The First Day A Family Moved Into Their Newly Purchased Home

October 4, 2019 | Posted In: Georgia Pest & Termite Control

The brown recluse spider species can be found in a little more than a dozen US states, and unfortunately, Georgia is one of them. These spiders have largely replaced black widows as the spiders to fear in America, and a brown recluse bites are more likely than black widow bites to become medically significant. The brown recluse is also responsible for inflicting more reported bites to humans than black widows, according to studies carried out in the states where both spiders can be found. This is not necessarily because brown recluse venom is more toxic than black widow venom; instead, brown recluse bites are common because, unlike black widows, the brown recluse is not shy about invading areas of a home where humans are regularly present. Black widows prefer to dwell outdoors or in cluttered areas that do not see much human traffic, such as storage areas, garages and sheds. Brown recluse spiders, on the other hand, have been known to invade homes in thousands where they do not seem to mind capturing the attention of a home’s inhabitants. This information does not come as a shock to the Photianos family who just moved into their new home only to find it infested with massive amounts of brown recluse spiders.

Within a matter of minutes following the families entry into their new home on moving day, they noticed that copious amounts of spiders were scrambling over one another in every room, including sinks, bathtubs and closets, making the home a literal death trap. Luckily, the family has managed to avoid bites, but at the cost of avoiding their new home. A family friend, however, sustained a bite from one of the spiders while helping move items out of the house. This one single bite resulted in the man’s hospitalization where he is being treated with multiple intravenous antibiotics. Despite repeat pest control treatments that have been conducted over the span of one year, a large number of brown recluse spiders quickly reestablish their presence within the house. Now all 11 members of the Photianos family are living far away from the home until the spiders are eradicated with a fumigation treatment.

Have you ever sustained a bite from a spider that required medical attention?