The Oriental Cockroach Is Able To Survive Best In Southeastern US Homes Where They Hide Their Eggs Within Enclosed Indoor Spaces

December 13, 2019 | Posted In: Termites

Multiple species of cockroaches are abundant in Georgia where humidity and wet weather provides them with the conditions they need to thrive. The most common cockroach pests found in homes in the state include German, Oriental, American, brown-banded and brown cockroaches. The three most widely distributed cockroach pests in the US are German, American and Oriental cockroaches, the last of which is not always capable of thriving indoors in some parts of the country. However, Oriental cockroaches survive best within homes, buildings and outdoor areas located in the southeast US, particularly Florida and Georgia.

Oriental cockroaches are becoming more capable of withstanding cold winters, as a recent study found that this species can survive more than 13 weeks outdoors during continuous below freezing temperatures and light snow cover. During this time, the roach specimens being studied were found below stones, plant debris, and within piles of soil around the foundations of a house. In less than 2 weeks after the arrival of the first warm day during early spring, these cockroaches were found to have infested the house. The Oriental cockroach has long been known to establish infestations below houses, such as in crawl spaces, basements, cellars, and around water sources on the first floor of homes. In recent years, pest control professionals have noted that this species is being found with increasing frequency on the upper levels of homes and buildings, as one pest control report described an Oriental cockroach infestation on the fifth floor of a building. Increasing light, decreasing moisture and improving circulation in basements and crawl spaces will go a long way to prevent Oriental cockroaches from infesting a home. Female Oriental cockroaches carry their egg sacs for a period of 30 hours following their formation. After this period, the female drops the egg sac or attaches it to a food source within enclosed indoor areas, such as wall voids and beneath floorboards, making these dark-colored and brittle egg sacs difficult to find within infested homes.

Are you able to tell the difference between Oriental and German cockroaches?