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It is not unusual for homeowners to find that a group of raccoons, skunks, possums or some other wild animal had gone through their garbage during the night. These wild animals take every precaution to make sure that they are not caught in the act, as they know that their human overlords would not appreciate their need to find decent, and preferably human, food. Of course, this is why wild animals choose the nighttime hours for indulging in the sorts of shenanigans that humans would not approve of, but not every wild animal lives in fear of being spotted by humans. For example, not long ago, a black bear was spotted roaming through a residential area in Los Angeles before it decided to take a dip in a resident’s swimming pool. Surprisingly, it is not necessarily rare to find black bears lounging in residential swimming pools. At around the same time that this black bear was spotted in LA, a mountain lion that once graced a National Geographic cover was spotted prowling around the notable Hollywood sign located in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA. If these wild animals are visiting LA with the hope of becoming famous, then they are getting their wish.

A 250 pound black bear was spotted in a neighborhood located in La Cañada Flintridge, California. The bear had emerged from the nearby Angeles National Forest. The bear eventually settled in a swimming pool where it lounged for a period of time. The seemingly tranquil bear did not allow its precious relaxation time to be interrupted by the blaring police sirens nearby and the inescapable sound of whirring helicopter blades overhead. Eventually, and without any interference from humans, the bear slowly trudged back into the forest.

Around this same time, animal control authorities were on the lookout for a fugitive mountain lion that had been spotted meandering around the iconic Hollywood sign in LA. Sadly, authorities were hunting the mountain lion because it had allegedly attacked and killed a captive koala at the LA Zoo. It did not take long for authorities to track the mountain lion to its chosen den, which happened to be a crawl space beneath a family home. The family was presumably grateful to have avoided an encounter with the apex predator.

Have you ever had reason to wonder if a wild animal had found lasting shelter within your home without your knowledge?


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