Murder Over Bed Bugs!

January 4, 2016 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Uncategorized

Murder Over Bed Bugs!

In Minneapolis, a 62-year-old man has apparently killed his 89-year-old mother due to bed bugs.

Michael Gallagher, was charged on Monday with second-degree murder after the death of Ann Gallagher, his mother, in her apartment on Friday morning. Tuesday morning, Mr. Gallagher is expected to make his first appearance in Hennepin County Court.

Michael called 911 and told authorities that he had killed his mother. When officers arrived at the scene Michael surrendered immediately. Mr. Gallagher says that he showed up to his mothers apartment last Thursday to help her clean and do other chores.


He told officers that he was miserable over the bed bugs in the apartment and frustrated that there was nothing he could do to rid the pests. He told authorities that he was convinced his mothers landlord was not going to be renewing her lease and there were several items he would have to help her move.

His frustration was brought onto his mother when he grabbed a sculpture of himself that was in the apartment and started beating her on the head with it. He also tried to smother her with a pillow, strangle her with his hands and also tried suffocating her with a garbage bag.

So crazy! Have you ever had bed bugs?