Warm Weather Increases Pests

January 20th, 2016

Warm Weather Increases Pests

With climate change comes increasingly warmer weather. Scientists are just now realizing that this warmer weather comes with a consequence, more and more insects. Studies have been done in the past about the ability of insects to adapt to different temperatures. Their ability to adapt is incredible, with insect population being able to migrate to completely opposite climates and adapting to their new conditions. What scientists have recently come to realize is that while insects are wonderful adaptors, it appears that warmer weather is ideal for them. Insects seem to flourish under warmer conditions. Not only that, but under warmer conditions they actually adapt to enhance their growth rate. So the warmer the weather gets, the more insects we will be seeing. This means that with the warmer climate comes an ever increasing number of insects. And this will continue as long as temperatures continue to rise. While this is a good thing for a number of insects such as butterflies, this also means an ever-increasing number of bad insects such as mosquitos. This in turn means more chances for people to catch the diseases they carry. This is just one more reason humans need to address climate change and try to halt its progress.

Did you know that warmer weather comes with more insects? What do think about this?

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