New Fashion Statement

March 30th, 2016

New Fashion Statement

Everyone is familiar with spray on bug repellent, but did you know that there are insect repellent clothes? The military has been using insect repellent clothes called Insect Shield since 2002. This apparel boldly goes where no repellent has gone before, with a repellent blended with the actual fabric that lasts as long as the lifetime of the piece of clothing. They repel anything from mosquitoes to chiggers to spiders. These clothes are hardcore, which is probably why the military has been using them since they came out on the market. When the military first started using the product cases of Lyme disease were on the rise. After the new uniforms were introduced, however, the number of cases dropped to zero.

But, now you too can purchase insect repellent garments through companies like L.L. Bean and Buff. Other new heavy duty insect repellents on the market contain permethrin, which you can spray onto your clothes and it will last for the next three washings.  However, users are advised to closely follow the instructions for how to apply the spray and avoid getting it on your skin. This usually involves spraying the item of clothing and then letting it dry completely before wearing it.

Would you consider using these new hardcore insect repellents on your clothes? Wouldn’t this make camping and having fun outdoors so much easier and less stressful?

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