Guy Forces Bee Invader to Watch Bee Movie with Him

June 20, 2016 | Posted In: Bee Control | Posted In: General

After a bee flew into the home of a Canadian prankster known as “White and Faded” on Twitter decided that a bee that invaded his home deserved some kind of punishment for its rudeness. After “White and Faded” found a bee on the floor of his apartment he took a picture of the insect crawling on his laminate tiles and tweeted it to his followers with the caption “Home invasion in progress.” A few moments later he tweeted a picture of the bee scooped up into a glass, with the caption “he mine now.”  With the invader now firmly in his grasp, “White and Faded” had to then decide what he should do with the prisoner. He decided to turn once again to social media, and started a poll on Twitter that asked his followers what he should do with the bee. They could either vote for him to free the captive or force it to watch the 2007 Bee Movie. The latter choice won out with a landslide vote of 86 percent. His last post showed the bee sitting on the keyboard of his computer supposedly watching the cartoon playing on the screen in front of it. “White and Faded” wrote “I’m watching Bee Movie with a bee.” Unfortunately, the bee did not appear to be impressed, as it apparently flew off moments later.

What would you do if you found a bee in your house?