The Terminator Meets A Bug’s Life

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In this day and age many remarkable feats of science have been accomplished.  What people fifty years ago would have sworn would always be the product of Science Fiction are now everyday realities that we take for granted.  Products like our smartphones, skype, artificial intelligence, and let’s not forget insect cyborgs.  Yes, that is correct, scientists are well at work at creating an insect that is part machine and can carry out the demands from humans operating them via remote.  But why?

These days there is much fascination given to the idea of building robots, and for a multitude of reasons.  For years scientists had looked to bugs to gain a better understanding of the mechanics involved in robot construction.  But now we are making them into robots.

Scientists are already capable of controlling a moth’s flight path with implanted electronics.  And recently a group of apparently mad scientists implanted electrodes into the muscles of beetles to control where and how they moved.  The idea behind these ethically questionable experiments is to develop ways in which people could potentially spy on other people via electric beetles.  These electric bugs could also be used for search and rescue missions to gain access to areas where people may be trapped and are inaccessible to humans themselves.  Lets hope nothing nefarious results from this; bugs are creepy enough as they are.

If you could create any type of insect robot, what would you make?