How Do Spiders Eat?

July 12, 2016 | Posted In: General | Posted In: Uncategorized

We all know spiders have fangs and may not chew like us humans. However, what the manner in which a spider consumes its food is far from pleasant. A spider liquefies its prey by vomiting on it, so to speak.

When a spider spots its unfortunate prey it will swing it jaws open revealing its fangs, and then it will, of course, sink its jaws into its prey. Much like a hypodermic needle the spider will then inject its prey with venom, which ensures that the living prey is paralyzed and ready to consume. The fangs have small holes at the bottom that lead to a venom gland.

The once living bug food is then slowly liquefied by the acidic venom. Once the prey is properly liquified the spider will then suck the venom up through its fangs. The life of a little bug is hard. Frankly I cannot imagine a worst place to be than stuck on a spider web knowing that this is the future that awaits you.

Do you know of any other insects that eat in this manner?